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What an inspiring woman!


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One month and one day.

It is getting more and more frustrating everytime we say goodnight to each other. We are both looking forward to the day when we won’t have to say good-bye when it gets too late.

Our house is becoming more like home to me, especially last night for some reason. Aaron was reclining in the brown arm chair, I was sitting at the end of it, and Aaron’s dad was putting mud up in the bathroom drywall.  They were talking about tractors and parts or something. Something that I might be able to understand some day.

“We have a green, purple and grey bathroom now, dear.”

“Now all we need is a purple carpet.”

The latest from Abigail:

Abigail had gotten a little scrape on her ankle. She was worried about it.

“Where’s Brian?” She asked in a tearful voice.

Brian and Aaron were just pulling into the drive with the black truck.

“Brian is right there driving-” Abigail smiles. “Do you feel better?”

“Yeah, Brian will see it.”

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“That’s a cute poncho, did your mom make it for you?”


“Where did you get it?”

“My ma-, my Christie, my Aunt Christie made it for me.”

“It’s cute. What’s on it? Turtles?”


“You like turtles?”

“Yes, I like bananas.”

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“I’m going to go see Mmwauren-Mae and Awin.” pipes little Silas to his Grandma.



Silas loves to see me when he is walking around the Narthex at church. He gets a big grin, instantly says my name and runs over to me. I swoop him up and give him a great big hug and ask if he was a good boy this week.

On the stage in the gym we have places where microphones can be plugged in, the little kids think that they have something good when they can lift up the lid and look inside and it would be dark. Silas called me over yesterday when he had found it.

“Say, Hello in there!”

“Hello in there.”

“Who’s in there, Silas?”

“Who’s in there? It’s ya mother.”

“My mother?”

“Yup. Okay? Bye!”

He is one of my ring bearers in my wedding. Along with his older brother Caleb, and his older sisters, Zipporah and Lydia as my flower girls, the gang is excited to be in Lauren-Mae’s wedding.

Sharyn told me that he said the other day, “I need to go get my ring bearer.” He knows that something is happening between Aaron and I and somehow he is going to be involved.

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Duggar Family.

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