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Should I continue blogging? I don’t have the internet at my house and use the library’s internet so I don’t post as much anymore.

Who reads this? Would you like me to keep posting?


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I liiiiiiiiive!

Sorry about the lack of bloginess. I use the computer less frequently now.

Here are some appetizers until I can make an ACTUAL post

  • Good anniversary
  • I got him some books
  • he got me a memory foam matteress, Subway gift card
  • We took a trip up North, later that week we took a trip to KY to visit family for Thanksgiving, then traveled around for a few days afterward.
  • Tuxedo died. 😦
  • We had the Webbs over for dinner
  • A lot of my friends are pregnant!
  • Betsy went to China and now she is back.
  • I need to go get beans
  • I need to can chicken
  • This is the best Christmas I have had in a long time
  • Aaron is very much, even more in love with me
  • He bought be a clothesline

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New Layout- Expanded

I have been wanting a new layout for nearly over a year…after having a two make-shift ones that I didn’t mind, I finally decided to do something about it. I googled a few websites that had layouts and stuff that I liked, but some would grant me access to them and some I had to pay for. Yeah, I’m not paying money for my blog. I am not that desperate, but I would like a blog that I am content with!

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New Layout.

Yay or Nay?

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Hello my ever-faithful readers.

Today I have been working on the different pages of my blog. Check them out if you have the time.

Most all of them have either been, edited, updated, combined with other pages or had pictures added to them. I know my blog is somewhat blah without pictures. I simply don’t have a way of putting them up here, other than to use my in-law’s computers because I do not have my own.  If I could I would put pictures up almost everywhere.

Well, it’s Libby’s dinner night and I always look forward to her cooking so, tell me what you think of everything and if you want to see more. Thank you. 🙂

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To be honest, I really don’t like my latest layout. I think I should have stuck with my old original. Oh well. I also have been brainstorming different things to do with this. I really like how I can have all of the pages (blasted ‘g’ key! Doesn’t work!) on here. I thought of adding more to my projects page, recipe page. This may turn into an overhaul (possible name change too!)  I don’t want things to be too cluttered though so I will work on them one at a time.

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8 days. I love blogging.

“The three witches made a cake for Sweeping Blooty. It melted, they made her another one.” – Rebekah

“Abigail do you know what they are?”


“What are they?”

“I don’t know.” -Naomi & Abigail

I would like to take this post and express how much I do enjoy blogging. I really do. It is a great way to vent your creativity, let others know what is going on, and see what is happening in other’s lives. Once life slows down in a little bit here, I will be adding more things and making changes.

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