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I’m dog sitting and I really need to go to bed. I don’t remember the last time I stayed up this late. I mopped the floor today. I went to the used book store today and got my free book. I also put some books on hold. Then I had spaghetti for dinner.

West Side Story – Mambo

What Hipsters Say, and What They Really Mean



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I am not a robot.

This is supposed to be a comment on Aunt Carolyn’s Blog, but the wavy words think that I am a robot.


Aunt Carolyn- My middle name is German spelling, unlike Libby’s ‘May’ mine is M-a-e.

Amy- It is really good at washing clothes. My recipe does not leave a smell either. Aaron says that you guys are opposed to heavy smells. I haven’t tried it on his clothes yet though. 🙂


Since they read this, (and I am assuming subcribed to me), they’ll read this too.



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A blogging friend of mine is having a giveaway!

This DVD follows several families as they work their land.



<a href=”http://newlifeonahomestead.com/”><img src=”http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt289/lilmommy336/button.jpg&#8221; alt=”” /></a>

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Here and There.

Sorry I have been less frequent with posting

What I have been up to lately—

Reading books by Debi Pearl, they are great, more on them later.

Going to the library,

Reading up on herbs. I found I liked the books by Jekka McIvair. I think that is how you spell her name. I am having so much fun reading about the medicinal qualities of herbs, culinary treats, growing habits and so much more! I have a list of herbs that I am going to get tomorrow at Farmers market!

I went grocery shopping ALL BY MYSELF for the first time the other day! I was so excited! I saved us $8.37 on groceries with coupons, sales, discounts, specials and pop can return! I felt so fulfilled! And Aaron was happy too! I wonder how many more exclaimation points I can use in this post!!!!

I just returned from picking sour cherries with Mom Cook. I picked a little under a gallon. I plan on canning them. I would like to can a lot of food and not freeze it because what if our freezer quits? Or what if there was some kind of an emergency where we had no power. I do not like to see food go to waste, which is why I like that we give our food scraps to Libby’s chickens. Whatever the chickens don’t eat will get turned into compost anyway.


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Sugar Smacks

Elijah, so he can finally come to Passover.


Sweet William

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My house is a mess, but I don’t feel like cleaning it.

I want to sleep but I don’t want to lay down.

I would like to get Aaron’s new dress pants hemmed.

I need to clean window screens, but I keep putting it off.

I also need to sow more seeds. I’ll do it next week. Or maybe tonight.

My head hurts.

I don’t want to talk, but I want to be around people.

I am not looking forward to the next couple days.

I hate this.

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How about it?

I looked at my stats, the views are down. I am not really surprised. Suggestions anyone?


What would you like to see on here?

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