God also testified to it by signs, wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will. Hebrews 2:4

Gifts of the Spirit – 1st Cor. 12

I will do these in the order of what I scored, which will be in parenthesis .

1st – Discerning of Spirits, Mercy (15)

2nd – Knowledge, Hospitality (14)

3rd – Prophecy, Teaching, Wisdom (13)

4th – Exhortation, Leadership (12)

5th – Giving, Missions, Faith, Voluntary Poverty (11)

6th – Helps, Miracles, Service (10)

7th – Pastor, Healing, Intercessory Prayer (8)

8th – Administration (7)

9th – Evangelism, Tongues (6)

10th – Interpretation of Tongues (3)

11th – Exorcism (2)

12th – Celibacy (0) heehee

I took this test once when I was in High School, my highest then if I remember correctly was Service, Exhortation, Helps, Mercy and Discerning of Spirits, not in that order though . Much to my surprise I have increased in Teaching and Leadership.

Have you taken the test? What were your results? Did they surprise you? How will you use them to further God’s Kingdom?

Wow! Where have I been?

I am long overdue, I know, but I feel like I have nothing to write about until…awhile ago I borrowed a book from my mother-in-law called Spirit-Controlled Tempreament by Tim LaHaye. I like this book because it helped me understand myself and other people as well.

I started to look around for other kinds of personality and temperament tests.

Warning this is a long read honey!

Without further ado—Here is an exhaustive look inside of my personality test results.

I will be doing several different ones.

I’m doing this more for me, but I figured my readers would find it interesting. :)

I don’t believe that my results are the end all and be all though.

A little disclaimer: While we cannot begin to explain the complxeties of people try to use these tests as a tool to serve the Father better. And I believe the same should go for you. :) Never stop growing and learning!

What not to do: “Oh, I’m a “thus-and-such” so I can’t ‘blank’. Never use your results as an excuse to hold yourself back. As  God works on us we change and He makes us new!

First off is

Debi Pearl’s ‘Three Types of Women’ (can be found in the Pearl’s Created to be His Helpmeet, Preparing to be His Helpmeet, Created to Need a Helpmeet and I can only assume in In Search of a Helpmeet)

Go-to Gals (or Queens), Servant Girls and Dreamer Girl?

These branch off from her ‘Three Types of Men’ personalities. Based off of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) there are Command Men (or Kings), Priestly Men (or Servants), or Visionaries. Men’s personalities are stronger, and since women came from man ours are not as strong, We are more apt to flex and change depending on who we marry.

My primary one is Steady or Servant Girl. My secondary is Dreamer Girl.


  • Hospitable, loves to visit
  • Very conscious of needs and opportunities to help others
  • Emotional, very compassionate, strong beliefs, opinions and convictions
  • She needs a strong man to keep her feeling balanced
  • Always trying to serve and give
  • Not very good at pacing herself, sometimes overexerting and overextending, prone to discouragement, exhaustion and burnout.
  • Very sympathetic and understanding, quick to take blame and very burdened with the problems and needs of others
  • Creative
  • Has strong intuitions and impressions, many of which turn out to be correct.

I really like Debi’s approach here. She points out strengths and weaknesses. She gives good descriptions of the three types, as well as advice on how to serve, help and love your man!

And now for,

Tim LaHaye’s Spirit-Controlled Temperament

Based of off Hippocrates Four Humors, there are – Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. LaHaye breaks the categories down then has several chapters on the pros and cons of each type. Includes chapters on anger, depression, the fruits of the Spirit, how Christ can fulfill and heal you and how you can better serve Him!

I am predominantly Melancholy, my secondary is Sanguine. Going further my third is Phlegmatic and I am least like the Choleric.


  • Dark
  • Introverted, but given to a variety of moods
  • Won’t push forward to meet people, but lets people come to them.
  • Dependable
  • Prone to depression
  • Has a strong desire to be loved by others
  • Disappointing experiences make them reluctant to take people at face value, prone to be suspicious when others seek them out or shower them with attention
  • No one gets more enjoyment from the fine arts than the Melancholy
  • Can be withdrawn and antagonistic while in a state of depression

I think the analytical part of the melancholy is tempered by my secondary Sanguine. I have been told I’m not analytical. Me, I’m not too sure. When given an assignment or subject I’m passionate about I research and take notes and make references. But I guess it’s not really predominate in day- to-day stuff.

  • When in a mood of inspiration, they produce a great work of art or genius, followed by periods of great depression
  • finds their greatest meaning through personal sacrifice
  • can “feel” music – Yes!!!!!!
  • They tend to place self-imposed limitations on their potential, and exaggerate obstacles
  • Perfectionist (in my own way I am…)

Biblical Melancholies

“No temperament has as much natural potential when energized by the Holy Spirit as the Melancholy. Many outstanding Bible characters had strong Melancholy tendencies; all the prophets were Melancholy (can you say “Jeremiah!”) as was Solomon and the apostle John (<3). And then there was Moses – a gifted introvert filled with self-doubt who eventually trusted God to make him one of the greatest leaders in all history. Yet Moses never had victory over his anger, which limited God’s use of his life and resulted in his dying without entering the Promised Land”

My Temperament Blend – Melancholy/Sanguine “MelSan”

  • Almost any craft or trade welcomes MelSans
  • Loyal husbands or wives and make devoted parents if they learn to accept people and refuse to be too critical
  • Make good teachers (Hmm, I like one -on-one type of things better)
  • Good in the performing arts
  • They will be emotional creatures (Yeah, ask anyone who has been close to me)
  • They must guard their thinking process (this was helpful to me when I read it , and I put it into practice)
  • they are easily moved to tears (Yep) feel everything deeply, can be unreasonably critical and hard
  • Idealistic and impractical
  • As students they will get superior grades (nope!) but maybe take five or six to finish college because they change their major so many times ( yeah I could see that happening if I would have stayed in college)
  • it is not unlike them to abandon their education which makes it difficult for them to measure up to their potential
  • Often fearful and insecure with a poor self-image
  • They internalize

Biblical MelSans

John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah and others. They had a tremendous capacity to commune with God, were self-sacrificing people-helpers who had enough charisma to attract a following, tended to be legalistic in their teachings and calls to repentance, exhibited a flair for the dramatic and willingly died for their principles. But they also had times of self-doubt and bouts with depression.

So what do you think? What are you? What have you learned about yourself? Do you let it hold you back? Or do you use it as a stepping stone for improvement?

Next time my Spiritual Gift tests results…

Herb Love

I gotta do a post about my growing love for herbs and alternative health.

A few months ago I dove into tincture making. Passionflower, eleuthero, you name it! Nearly almost all of my herbs are preserved. So when I need them I can take out my little brown bottles and administer!

Aaron bought me a juicer and I have used it quite a bit in the past two days! I have found out that if you want to juice greens you can add an apple or a pear to make your concoction more palatable. So far I have juiced, kale, dandelion greens, parsley, lettuce, apples, pears, carrots and celery.

A few weeks ago I had a very busy week and was traveling back and forth to Saginaw, I took spirulina capsules (homemade! thanks to Aunt Carolyn who bought us a capsule maker for our wedding). I didn’t need to worry about not meeting my daily requirements well enough, I took a few of those along with me to keep most of my needs met.

I started getting interested in alternative health right before I got married, after I got married it continued with some gifts from Aunt Carolyn, some library books and websites. Now when I go to Barnes & Noble or the library I don’t really see much of anything I can get because what is there is basic stuff about what I already know, it’s dissapointing but at the same time it feels good. So now I am at the mercy of my search engine, Facebook friends, youtube and pinterest. :)

The Enemy says, The Father says

The enemy wants to destroy God’s children. he certainly can play tricks with the mind. And I can stupidly fall for them. But- Every bad thing that can happen He turns it into some thing beautiful

When he says “Look, you have no friends. Nobody cares for your company. Look at everyone around you. They do things with each other but not you. Nobody really likes you”

When he says “You are alone.”

When he says “You deserve every bad thing that comes your way.”

When he says “You will never amount to anything of importance, you are to remain in mediocrity.”

When he says “You are a failure, you might as well just stop trying.”

When he says “You are nothing. You have no value.”

When he says “You deserve to be unappreciated, you are no better than a piece of furniture.”

When he says “Nobody loves you.”

I have come to the conclusion that I can change a lot about my life just by the way I choose to react to things. When the Adversary says things, or other people say things, or even when I say things to myself, I have a choice of how I will react to them. I can remain hurt and carry it with me. While I want to live the good and healthy life that my Father in Heaven wants me to, it can become like trying to tread water while hanging onto a cinderblock. Mentally worn out I eventually give up and allow myself to sink into depression. This ends up hurting more than just myself. By keeping it I think I can come up with a solution, why trust anyone else with these problems?

“You do have friends and family, there are people that love you, there are people who like your company, it’s not important to be loved by everyone. The important thing is that you are loved by Me. I will spend time with you no matter what. You are not alone. You don’t deserve every bad thing that happens in your life. Those bad things are a result of sin. But don’t worry, one day you will be with me in a place where there is no sin. You are important. If you remain in My Will you will become extraordinary. You are not a failure, keep trying with My help, please. But remember that you can do nothing apart from Me. I value you. You are not nothing. I do not make trash. I love you.”

Under construction.

A few hours is all my brain can handle. It’s under construction. :)

Ready for Revamping?

In about a week and a half I will have unlimited access to the internet. So there will be some major revamping and rearranging of this blog. Get ready!


Isn’t it weird. Isn’t it strange.
Even though we’re just two strangers on this runaway train
We’re both trying to find a place in the sun
We’ve lived in the shadows, but doesn’t everyone
Isn’t it strange how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes
Isn’t it hard. Standing in the rain.
You’re on the verge of going crazy and your heart’s in pain
No one can hear though you’re screaming so loud
You feel all alone in a faceless crowd
Isn’t it strange how we all get a little bit weird sometimes.
Sitting on the side waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change.
Reaching for a hand that can understand, someone who feels the same.
When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin.
So you don’t stand out. But you don’t fit in. Weird.
Sitting on the side waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change.
Reaching for a hand that can understand, someone who feels the same.
When you live in a cookie cutter world if you’re different you can’t win.
So you don’t stand out but you don’t fit in. Weird.
Isn’t it strange how we all feel a little bit weird
Strange, how we all get a little bit…
Strange, ’cause we’re all just a little bit weird sometimes.


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