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The Enemy says, The Father says

The enemy wants to destroy God’s children. he certainly can play tricks with the mind. And I can stupidly fall for them. But- Every bad thing that can happen He turns it into some thing beautiful

When he says “Look, you have no friends. Nobody cares for your company. Look at everyone around you. They do things with each other but not you. Nobody really likes you”

When he says “You are alone.”

When he says “You deserve every bad thing that comes your way.”

When he says “You will never amount to anything of importance, you are to remain in mediocrity.”

When he says “You are a failure, you might as well just stop trying.”

When he says “You are nothing. You have no value.”

When he says “You deserve to be unappreciated, you are no better than a piece of furniture.”

When he says “Nobody loves you.”

I have come to the conclusion that I can change a lot about my life just by the way I choose to react to things. When the Adversary says things, or other people say things, or even when I say things to myself, I have a choice of how I will react to them. I can remain hurt and carry it with me. While I want to live the good and healthy life that my Father in Heaven wants me to, it can become like trying to tread water while hanging onto a cinderblock. Mentally worn out I eventually give up and allow myself to sink into depression. This ends up hurting more than just myself. By keeping it I think I can come up with a solution, why trust anyone else with these problems?

“You do have friends and family, there are people that love you, there are people who like your company, it’s not important to be loved by everyone. The important thing is that you are loved by Me. I will spend time with you no matter what. You are not alone. You don’t deserve every bad thing that happens in your life. Those bad things are a result of sin. But don’t worry, one day you will be with me in a place where there is no sin. You are important. If you remain in My Will you will become extraordinary. You are not a failure, keep trying with My help, please. But remember that you can do nothing apart from Me. I value you. You are not nothing. I do not make trash. I love you.”


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The Other Side.

Dad Cook, Mom Cook, Besty, Aaron and I traveled down to Utica last night. Aaron was due for surgery at 7:15 A.M. He is now out. We can see him in an hour. Thank you all for prayers and kind words to us. He had a cyst tumor puss sac type thing that was thinning the bone in his arm, but now he is all cleaned out and stitched up. Right now I am relaxing, knowing that my guy will be okay.

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The doctor’s appointment went well. The tumor is NOT cancerous, Praise God. Aaron will get worked on when the season is not so busy, most likely in November. We are going back in early June for another appointment. He can do tree service and farming, he just needs to be cautious, and if his pain changes he will get worked on sooner. That is about all I can report at this moment, I am rather tired.
April 21 at 2:41pm ·  · 
This has been my current Facebook status for over a week.
Aaron and I were turning into the parking lot to the restaurant my family visits on holidays. We were having a conversation and I don’t remember how we got on the topic but I asked him “Are we weird?”  He looked at me with a look that said “You should know” “Yes” he replied. “I like being weird with you.” He smiled a me.  Besides the obvious, I am strange when compared with the average American 20-something.
  • I think that learning to grow food is important
  • I have an interest in herbs
  •  I like end times prophecy
  • I like reading encyclopedias because they are organized
  • I want a hand crank blender
  • We keep our TV in our attic
  • … wait until you hear about my favorite baby names (and NO I am not pregnant yet, so don’t ask.)

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