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Dress code.

Who do you want to be associated with?

My in-laws and I are often asked if we are Amish or Mennonite. I really can’t speak for my in-laws as to how they answer but as for me, depending on who the person is, whether they be a total stranger or a fellow Christian is how I explain it. I first say I am a Christian. I may go on to mention 1st Corinthians 11, Brethren in Christ, conservative clothing et cetera. Now I’ve been told really strange things like “You look like a pirate.” and “Is that a yarmulke?”  The first I ignored, the latter I raised my eyebrow and stated “No.”

I thought it was common knowledge that Jewish men wear yarmulkes,

but I guess it isn’t so well-known.

When I go to Christian conferences and the like, it is really heart breaking to see how the girls (not to mention guys) are dressing a behaving. Girls in pants that show the shape and size of their butts, (Yes, I did just type that, it’s not like everyone does have one.), scoop neckline, v-neckline, cleavage, heavy jewelry, heavy make-up. This really leaves no imagination as to how that person looks like when they are naked and they are so slathered up, it really makes me wonder what they want to be associated with.

Last year I went to a college retreat/seminar up north with the college ministry I belonged to. One of the girls I was rooming with mentioned that she had a pair of red leather pants but they were “questionable”. Really? I could not believe what I was hearing.  I question and still continue to question this person’s motives in the clothing department and if she knows what she is doing to the men around her.

This isn’t skirts vs. pants, this is more serious. 

Without getting into too much detail men think different from we women. And even though men are responsible for where they lay their eyes, can’t we help them not even come close to that temptation? I mean even just the tiniest bit? We don’t have to wear curtains, all we need to do is cover up, not eventuate or show the undersides of our curves! It is so inconsiderate and selfish to flaunt ourselves with the attitude of “You are responsible for where you put your eyes, don’t you dare look at me, even though I am dressed like a loose woman.” Or will we let our stubborn, attention-seeking will dominate how we cover (more like uncover) our bodies.

You may disregard my post as legalistic, but think about this the next time you get dressed. Who do you want to be associated with?


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My take on the Duggars:

I really like watching the Duggar Family, when I have the time.  I enjoy watching a family who really loves God and loves each other.

But there is something I have noticed in the way that they dress now.

Call me weird, but it kind of is dissapointing. The girls are wearing ‘tighter’ clothes and going more for what is ‘in’. One of the daughters (I know her name I just won’t mention it) wore a flowy knee length skirt on a windy day. I was surprised. I could see her short leggings.

I understand styles and preferences change. But the longer this family is filmed the more their clothing has changed. I don’t know that family’s situation but it seems to me like they are changing just because they are on television.

I just got finished with looking at a headcovering website. They have discontinued a lot of their “more extensive” coverings and are selling a lot more headbands now. If you ask me, a headband is not a covering. The headbands they are selling, although they are pretty , they do not fall under the “covering” catogory in my book.

Why do I feel this way?

Maybe it is because I struggled with the issue of clothing so much in the past. I was more focused on the trendy and eye-poping then covering myself up.

When I was loosing my weight, I will admit, I looked good, and I knew it, so the “body complimenting” jeans came back. I wore them for those reasons. Not to cover up my body. But to show it off.

Now I know that is not the main goal of a lot of my friends who do in fact wear jeans. But as I stated above I had a secretive goal (or lack thereof) to show my weightloss off to MY glory. I was lying about the nature of God and misrepresenting what a follower of Christ is.

When I began wearing skirts and dresses again, I purchased a very nice jean dress. I wore it to church. I knew my purchase was a mistake when  one of the older ladies complimented me by saying, “Oh, that shows off your figure so well!” Upon cleaning out my closet the dress promptly went back into a bag to be donated to the same place where I got it from. The dress was modest, but not my correct size.

I guess you could call this an ”as for me…” type of issue. If there is anyone out there who is considering that type of lifestyle change, don’t knock it until you try it but, don’t take my word for it. Please don’t. Ask God. He won’t turn you away for asking.

It is what I went through and what I am still going through. I still really enjoy clothing, which I think is good. Although, Christians should not be CONSUMED with fashion, it isn’t wrong to want to look nice.

Cruising through the different modesty sites I love looking at the different colors, patterns, styles.

But how much is really too much?

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Month Funf!

NOTE: Okay…someone has been searching for me on Google. Creepy…


It has been 5 months now since I have been covering.

I feel like I need to say this to my headcovering sisters out there. Do Not Be Ashamed of the Covering. Stick with the conviction, Don’t be ashamed, I thought it would have been to difficult for me but it wasn’t. I guess having mature family and friends has something to do with it. They are more curious than critical.

The more and more I go on the plainer I get. While out shopping I have found dresses and jumpers and let me tell you, they are so much more comfortable than my old jeans!

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I really like listening to this sister, she is very down-to-earth and practical and she has a lot of good points.

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Feminine Armor

Before I began my modesty journey I can see where I had certain points of struggle.

I had lost a lot of weight so I could fit into all of these great clothes. Needless to say I was bitten by the vanity bug and really proud of the way my body looked in tighter clothing. Am I saying that people who  don’t dress like me are troublemakers? Of course not. I would never say such a thing.

I had also gotten some “open for interpretation” comments from someone. Once I began dressing in this manner they have stopped. I guess you could say that I have donned a sort of armor.

I have been called “ma’am” more times now then I can ever remember.

Am I saying that women who do not dress in the same manner as I do will have the same problems. No. The last thing I want to do is put up stereotypes. I am just sharing what has happened to me.

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