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A Pressing Matter

Oooh I couldn’t wait any longer! I thawed and drank a container of cider. Ah, It’s so nice, so sweet.

I have been collecting juice and vinegar jugs to freeze cider in. With this year’s apple crop, we will have cider coming out of our ears!


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Pretty Pints.

I canned three pints of green beans today. With many more to come!


My Roma’s are full shape but they need to turn. I think my peas are going to be done soon. It is just too hot! I have a little green pepper forming. Julie tells me that the venders have a lot at market right now. I plan on purchasing cherries for making jelly, pickles for making relish and banana peppers (if they have any) for pickling.


I went with Naomi and Mom Cook to pick some apples. We picked Wealthy and Transparent apples. These varieties are very soft and are good for sauces and juicing. I have the bruised ones cut up and they are in the juicer right now. We plan on making apple jelly to sell at market.

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So yesterday I tried making strawberry rhubarb jam with some of Aaron’s rhubarb and two pounds of strawberries I bought at Meijers. But, silly me didn’t follow the directions and now it is more like ice cream topping. I told Mom Cook that we can have that for our red, white, and blue ice cream in July.

Presently I have wild violets and anise seed steeping for jelly. I will let you know how it turns out.

Yesterday, I also trimmed apple trees with Mom Cook and Naomi. It was very, very relaxing. Mom Cook even got a few photos of Naomi and I up in a tree trimming and lopping together. I feel as if I have a special bond with Naomi, which was probably spurred on after all of the time I spent with her right after the accident. I told Aaron that and he agreed. He also stated “Yeah, you do weird things together.” Seemingly continuous games of Uno, and falling into a trench while snow shoeing. 🙂

One of our neighbors asked if we could care for his orchards. There are many kind of apples including Spy, Jonee, Mutsu, McIntosch, Granny Smith. I have a feeling we are going to have good cider this year, the more varieties you have the better it tastes. We will be selling them (and hopefully some apple products) at the farm and at farmer’s market. I am so excited to be a part of it! 🙂

This summer is going to be busy! A few weeks ago I made myself a schedule that I am going to try out. In the early mornings I will tend my garden and do little things around the house. Then when the blueberry farm opens I’ll go there (I requested mornings but, I know that can change. 🙂 ) Then after my shift, I can go home and do my ‘major’ house cleaning. Each day I am going to devote to one room (Mondays – bedroom, Tuesdays – kitchen…), along with normal daily chores (like dishes, laundry, making the bed, and the like) I can do during the hottest part of the day. And somehow I need to put in the apples too. It’s in the works. 🙂

Here’s to a productive summer!

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