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I’m thankful that God put me in Michigan.

  • I love our seasons

I think our seasons are just right. I love the late spring to early fall time the best. ­čśÇ Even though our winters can be cold, it is nice to watch it snow from the living room window next to the woodstove. And to snuggle under the quilts next to Aaron in the mornings and look out the bedroom window at fresh snow.

  • I love our lakes

As long as I can dry off thoroughly and┬áhave fresh clothes to put on I will get wet head to toe.┬á And if I don’t I do like sticking my feet in the water and watching the waves.

  • I love the fact that we don’t have very many dangerous bugs, snakes or other creepies

So does my mother-in-law

  • I LOVE THE UP and up north Michigan, it is one of my favorite places to have a vacation.

Whether it is going up to Grandma Gloria and Papa Ray’s house or sight-seeing in the UP there is this comforting feeling I get from up north. I think it really began in highschool when I was a petty officer on the Appledore┬áV. We would pack our “boat clothes” -tank┬átops, comfy sweatshirts, and jeans for me-┬ásome spending money, sleeping bags and whatever we would need for the week (or more). We learned about sailing, taking care of the boat, we would sometimes go ashore and have dinner on the beach. Some of my fondest memories are exploring places like Drummond Island with my friends, washing my clothes on the boat them┬ápinning them up to┬ádry, throwing the chum-bucket (food garbage) over board – one had to making a puking┬ánoise whenever this happened-, the gentle rocking of the boat as you lay in your bunk, going out on the bow (the very tip), I could go on and on!┬á

In the season of thankfulness I wanted to post something about the place I was born and raised. Some people are so anxious to leave their home, not me. I may move from city to city, but I probably will never live anywhere else.


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