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So , My weekend pretty much starts on Thursday.

Thursday night: I went out with some of the girls in the Youth to Kokomos, we goofed off there. Then we went to Pizza Hut then Tropical Smoothie. We sat around at Hannah’s house for awhile. Then the little ones had to go to bed. Kristin spent the night. She went down at 12 I stayed up until 2.

Friday: I remember getting up at about 9. I dropped Kristin off at her house. Went to Meijers to get my new camera and video camera. I love them! With time to kill and rummage sales abound I decided to buy Anna and Allison some nice shirts. They were very nice and cheap. I think the must I payed was $5.00…not even that maybe…


At 6:30 I went over to the Schuitman’s. I really didn’t get much of the message because I was going in and out answering phone calls and making them.

I left there at about 9. Off to the Webb’s! When I got there we visited until the girls had to go upstairs and settle down. 🙂 I got some really funny video of Amanda. 🙂 We watched Enchanted. It was a very cute movie. 🙂 Amanda was the first to go to bed. Sarah and Aimee followed shortly after. Katie and I watched it until the end. Which was around 1 A.M.

We got up in the morning and got ready to leave. Some of the girls got their make-up done at the Webb’s. We left at around 11:30 to go get hair done. I got some very good pictures of that too. You should check it out on my Facebook.

We all made our venture to church, ate Subway and did some more running around. Those last finishing touches and set-ups.

Until…finally 5 P.M. everything was still and quietly. The music was playing and the ceremoy began. It was beautiful! I came very close to crying a few times but I kept it together. 😀 The reception was good. It consisted of slide shows, wisdom, song and speeches, and many laughs. The cake was delicious! I would have eaten a second piece but…I resisted. 😀

Afterwards we got to see them off. They road away in Josh’s red pick-up truck sporting a Bush/Cheney 2004 sticker on the back. It was the cherry on top of a beautiful, memorible day.

I took Kristin home, and then went to Muriel’s house and played cards with Becky, Drew, Amanda and Michelle. I got to bed at about 1A.M.-ish.

I woke up late for church but got there in time before anything started. I don’t even remember what the service was about…but I took notes so that was okay.

After church I went to the Wedding’s house. This being my first time out there I really enjoyed it. It had a lived-in-welcome-home feeling. It made me feel good. I wish to have a home like that one day. A safe haven for my family and friends and whoever God sends our way.

I left there about 5:30 I think. I was also invited to Michelle’s house for a bonfire. That was great! I love all the kids running around and acting silly for the cameras! Seeing them makes me so excited or my future when I will have little ones running around and showing off like that. 🙂

I was surprised I even made it home! I had been going non-stop for about four days! But I was having such a good time!


And Monday…I really didn’t do anything. 🙂


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