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He sees Everything.

Three years and counting, I love you Aaron.
I wouldn’t be the person I am today if God would not have put you into my life.



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The Other Side.

The Other Side and the differences between those who care and those that are…well, you’ll see.

Now that I have been on the other side of marriage for a few months, I have come across two questions that I will never ask newly weds again.

“Are you happy/Are you fighting yet?”

“Are you pregnant?”

These can be extremely touchy subjects for people. Disagreements with spouses and pregnancy are personal. In fact, I can’t think of too many other things that could be more personal. I wasn’t even married a few weeks when someone I knew smirked at me and asked “So. Are you expecting yet?” How insensitive.

If you are one of my friends, this post isn’t about you. So, don’t worry. Please, keep reading. The topic of this post was spurred by something that happened to me about a month ago.

I’ll tell you about it.

Someone (upon the first time meeting them) bulldozed me with these questions. I found it invasive. I didn’t even know this person.”Oh, so you guys aren’t fighting yet…You’re still happy…yadda,yadda.” I was hoping my short yet polite reaction and facial expression would deter more questions, but to no avail they carried on. They asked if I was pregnant, I told them “No.” while looking down at my stomach which is unfortunately protruding again due to my eating habits. Then to top it off they off-handedly replied with a smile “Oh, well, you’re still happy then.” What? Are you kidding me? I would love to have a baby right now. I was offended. After the matter, I was told that people ask that because they care. Puh-lease. Just because strangers “care” doesn’t change the fact that I was offended.

I do have friends that I talk to about those kinds of things, they don’t pry, they do it because they want to help and they care about me. In fact, one of my friends that I ran into this weekend advised me to starting taking fish oil and folic acid because it is good for brain development. And they told me because they care!

There is a difference between nosey and caring. And believe me I can tell the difference between friends who genuinely care and people who make your business theirs too.

The point of this post, please think twice before asking questions, especially if you have never met the person!

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