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Sorry it took me longer. A good computer and internet connection are kind of important. 😉

A few months ago my laptop decided it was a good idea to take a dump and die on me. It was very sad. I think it’s a goner. Blue screen of death and everything…:(
Maybe I should take it in anyway to see if they can’t perform some type of miracle. I have a lot of years worth of stuff on there and it’s a shame that it’s now just lost.

Aaron and I are going through a series called “Behold your God”. It is being put on by Fraser Road. We have barely scratched the surface but after three weeks I’m stoked to see what I can learn. And probably best of all Aaron and I are doing it together along with reading through the Bible in a year.

We have also been house hunting, we’re not too serious, I think a lot of it is just appeasing my appetite. 🙂

I love the Pearls. They are so full of wisdom and they have a lot of good teaching tools. I really like how they talk about different personalities. It makes me appreciate my husband more, it helps me understand myself and other people along with other things. And they are into herbs as well! It’s great!

Yeah, I could post good videos all day haha.

Speaking of alternative health, for the past few days I have been making an egg white and lemon juice face mask. It helps with my very oily skin and it makes my face feel nice. I’m also experimenting with argan oil.

What’s argan oil?
ar·gan oil
noun: argan oil; plural noun: argan oils
1. an aromatic culinary oil expressed from the seeds of the argan tree, native to an area of southwestern Morocco

It’s very expensive because it is native only to Morocco and it is a labor intensive, low tech operation to make the oil. The only reason I came about it is my mom was using some on her show dogs to see if it would help their hair to keep from snarling so bad. She had two bottles and talked me into taking one. I did my research and one expert warned against using too much and using it on your scalp and making your hair even more greasy. But when used properly it can really benefit your hair. I am using it on my spilt ends, because hey let’s face it I LOVE MY HAIR TEXTURE! And the only thing I have a problem with is split ends and since I don’t cut my hair I want to see if this will help. After using it for a few days I can defiantly tell that it is working. But will I continue after the bottle is empty? Only time will tell!

Until next time Shalom, Love and Good Health.


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I took a little walk to our garden today. My poor hail-beaten tomato and pepper plants are doing better. They are going to be a little stunted, but I think they’ll do okay. A few of the broccoli plants are perking up. I hope they all make it! It has been rainy and drizzly this past week. Ugh. I hope my pea seeds won’t get drowned! When it gets sunny again I am going to sow bush beans and pole beans. I was talking to Aaron about purchasing trellises for the beans to climb. Aaron told me not to bother with doing that, he said he could make me some. Could I be more blessed? It is great to have a husband that is so handy!

I have found another beautiful blog – aspiring-homemaker.blogspot.com. Mia’s photography is so pretty! I enjoyed reading posts on what they do and how they live. It was very relaxing to read.

Friends of mine, Amanda and Josh,  just moved from their one room house to a two bedroom house. Amanda is taking pictures of everything and posting them on Facebook. She asked if anyone had a dresser because their one-year-old Emilea needed a dresser badly. In our house we are three dressers one for each bedroom, and at my parents house I have a dresser that belongs to me, so Aaron and I are going to give one of our dressers to Amanda and Josh.

Ahh, it has been a lovely day so far!

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Blech, note to self, don’t do a load of towels and rags on Wednesday. Wednesday is bathroom day, and the cleaners I use dry out my hands. And I do not like folding towel with dry hands. Or handling flannel, which was something I was also doing today.

I came across a blog called “Time-warped Wife”. It is a Titus 2 blog, I love Titus 2 ministries and teaching. In one of her posts she was talking about her mother and how organized she is.

“Growing up in a little house with 17 brothers and sisters… being disorganized was not an option.”

She went on to explain that it isn’t like her mom is a neat freak or anything, she is just impeccably organized.

“…living can get messy at times.”

Instead of beating myself up over how I “can’t, can’t, can’t” I am going to make somewhat of a little game out of it.  I already have my trail cleaning schedule, which is working so far! Now I need to purge the clutter, and organize. A little yard sale has crossed my mind, but I don’t have enough…yet.

Before I end this post I have to share a story that came to my mind. When Aaron’s dad was little, there was a neighbor lady who would continuously sell stuff out of her garage. Kind of like a little shop. So Aaron’s dad thought that it was what a garage sale was, a shop set up in a garage!

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I had my bridal shower on Saturday. A post is to come! But for the mean time…


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This is a very good documentary on the Amish. Very interesting.

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The Gender Test

Another good one from Feelin’ Feminine!


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Here is a post on abortion from my friend Cullen’s website


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