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Sorry it took me longer. A good computer and internet connection are kind of important. 😉

A few months ago my laptop decided it was a good idea to take a dump and die on me. It was very sad. I think it’s a goner. Blue screen of death and everything…:(
Maybe I should take it in anyway to see if they can’t perform some type of miracle. I have a lot of years worth of stuff on there and it’s a shame that it’s now just lost.

Aaron and I are going through a series called “Behold your God”. It is being put on by Fraser Road. We have barely scratched the surface but after three weeks I’m stoked to see what I can learn. And probably best of all Aaron and I are doing it together along with reading through the Bible in a year.

We have also been house hunting, we’re not too serious, I think a lot of it is just appeasing my appetite. 🙂

I love the Pearls. They are so full of wisdom and they have a lot of good teaching tools. I really like how they talk about different personalities. It makes me appreciate my husband more, it helps me understand myself and other people along with other things. And they are into herbs as well! It’s great!

Yeah, I could post good videos all day haha.

Speaking of alternative health, for the past few days I have been making an egg white and lemon juice face mask. It helps with my very oily skin and it makes my face feel nice. I’m also experimenting with argan oil.

What’s argan oil?
ar·gan oil
noun: argan oil; plural noun: argan oils
1. an aromatic culinary oil expressed from the seeds of the argan tree, native to an area of southwestern Morocco

It’s very expensive because it is native only to Morocco and it is a labor intensive, low tech operation to make the oil. The only reason I came about it is my mom was using some on her show dogs to see if it would help their hair to keep from snarling so bad. She had two bottles and talked me into taking one. I did my research and one expert warned against using too much and using it on your scalp and making your hair even more greasy. But when used properly it can really benefit your hair. I am using it on my spilt ends, because hey let’s face it I LOVE MY HAIR TEXTURE! And the only thing I have a problem with is split ends and since I don’t cut my hair I want to see if this will help. After using it for a few days I can defiantly tell that it is working. But will I continue after the bottle is empty? Only time will tell!

Until next time Shalom, Love and Good Health.


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I’m thinking about closing down this blog…either that or changing the focus somehow.

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Piddly garlic turnout, probably because I didn’t cover them up with straw.
Three kinds of potatoes
Three kinds of onions
Garbanzo Beans
Tomatoes from Libby 😀
Painted Lady Runner Beans
Yard Long beans
Flint Corn for Cornmeal
Plenty of herbs, medicinal and culinary
Peas in the greenhouse and Peas in a pot

Getting better at organizing as usual. But I’m not totally lost when it comes to making decisions anymore about keeping a house.
I have some projects that I need to do that involve paint.
Wasps and bees are everywhere! Ugh, that is the curse of having a house that has wood siding I guess.

Basil is still hanging around, he reminds me of his mother a lot.
Aaron has been talking about getting chickens for me. He says that if it was just him he would just get his eggs from the farm, but he knows I have been wanting some for awhile. There are also some ducks on Craigslist that I am interested in, also some pheasants…but I can’t get in over my head…yet!
I also have a few more endeavors up my sleeve but I’d rather not share them. 😉

I think about my Grandma Gladys often in the summer not only because our birthday is coming up but I remember spending many days at her house in Munger. Dad would quiz us as we passed the different farm fields. “What’s planted in that field? What about that one?” Soon I learned the difference between beans, corn, beets and potatoes.

My parents must have really liked taking us places more than other parents and their children because we rarely got bored. We could keep ourselves entertained for quite awhile. There weren’t a lot of toys at Grandma’s house. There were stuffed animals that she kept on the back of her couch that I guess we could have played with but they gave me the creeps because they were set in the darker part of the living room. Sometimes I took my own stuffed animal with me but most of the time I would look through her jewelry, watch TV (all 5 channels) I never got to have an adult conversation with her. And it makes me very sad.

After our disappointment about not getting a house that was a good deal with more land, my house-seeking endeavors have taken me from local, to Iowa, to Montana, the Dakotas, Idaho and then aaaaalllll the way up to Alaska. So far my favorites have been Idaho and Alaska.

This week I will be camping out on the back property of my in-laws. Every year they camp to spend time together before the busy part of summer begins. Other than that I can’t really think of too much to tell you all!

Much love!

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 Sorry for the delay in posts.

[Wordpress won’t let me indent my paragraphs]Summer is getting closer, and we are prepping for the busy season. So far this year is going better than last year. My seedlings were a FAIL again this year, very dissapointing and embarrassing. But the greens, carrots, beets and peas growing in the greenhouse are doing well.  The apple crop is promising. I plan on working the blueberry farm this year too, with Julie gone we are missing a valuable person (in more ways than one, we miss you Julie!), so, I probably wouldn’t be able to do as good of a job as she does but, I plan on helping in anyway I can, (how, about I use, more commas, in this sentence,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can’t you see that I am not good with grammer and that I must be an idiot? [sarcasm] Oh well, my blog, my voice).

I’m expanding my blog to Youtube, I am FromSuburbToCountry1 here is my first video.


I am taking requests I already have a few ideas.





Today’s Photo

Aaron looks at a sample kitchen at Keim Lumber in OH

Aaron looks at a sample kitchen at Keim Lumber in OH





Today’s Video



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I have been very busy with the summer schedule.

The garden is growing well. The biggest plants are my winter squash. I put trellises around them to try to contain them. They are almost as tall as I am. Little squash are starting to grow. They look so cute. My lima beans are probably about a fourth of an inch long. The cucumbers and melons are probably loving this heat. The potatoes look promising as well. Aaron says that they are t he best potatoes that he has ever seen. He is really happy for me. The tomatilloes are about the size of a ladybug and my tom’s should be forming soon. The only thing that has been bumming me out is the lack of green beans I am going to harvest…like zero. Yeah the pole beans are close to eight feet tall and they are nothing but vines and leaves. I guess you can’t have everything. 🙂

God has been working on my heart lately, will tell more when I have time to sit down and formulate a post!

Just a little notice: I will probably not be doing much blogging throughout the summer. I am going to be very, very busy. So, if you don’t hear from me on here that’s why. 🙂

That’s all for now! Stay cool everyone!

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The Other Side.

Dad Cook, Mom Cook, Besty, Aaron and I traveled down to Utica last night. Aaron was due for surgery at 7:15 A.M. He is now out. We can see him in an hour. Thank you all for prayers and kind words to us. He had a cyst tumor puss sac type thing that was thinning the bone in his arm, but now he is all cleaned out and stitched up. Right now I am relaxing, knowing that my guy will be okay.

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