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Yesterday I went up to Clare to a flea market with the Lang’s and the Taylor’s. There was so much to see. There were rows and rows of vendors. At one of the tents there was this butter churn that I would have bought if I had more spending money. But I settled for a dollar package of nail brushes and a dollar package of pot scrubbers. Jimmy bought an old sturdy ice cream churn. The girls chipped in and bought a little gumball machine.

When we go next year, I will know to bring more money in case I spy a steal. After that we went to the hardware store, bulk food store and ding and dent store. I bought castor oil, soap, and the Healthy Choices Cookbook, of which I am so happy I bought, because it has recipes for REAL food, not 705 recipes for grain burgers and granola. If healthy food has left a bad taste in your mouth, then I suggest thumbing through this cookbook and seeing if you find anything that you’d eat.   At the bulk food store I bought iodonized salt, wheat bran and wheat germ. At the ding and dent store I stayed in the car with Carmen, Bekah, Abigail and Hosanna. Hosanna ate and fell asleep, while the other girls listened to Odyssey.

Aaron and I went shopping last night I told him that come this winter I would like to start sewing dresses. But first things first, I need to make myself some bloomers, patch his jeans and work on his ripped coveralls.

I am starting to look at canning less enthusiastically. I have been doing it for weeks, and now that I have both kinds of canners in my possession I will be doing it at home. Having a small kitchen has been kind of hard for me. Space gets taken up so quickly. I am trying to keep in mind of how my work will pay off in the winter when the ground is covered with snow and I will again be itching to do some gardening.


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Blech, note to self, don’t do a load of towels and rags on Wednesday. Wednesday is bathroom day, and the cleaners I use dry out my hands. And I do not like folding towel with dry hands. Or handling flannel, which was something I was also doing today.

I came across a blog called “Time-warped Wife”. It is a Titus 2 blog, I love Titus 2 ministries and teaching. In one of her posts she was talking about her mother and how organized she is.

“Growing up in a little house with 17 brothers and sisters… being disorganized was not an option.”

She went on to explain that it isn’t like her mom is a neat freak or anything, she is just impeccably organized.

“…living can get messy at times.”

Instead of beating myself up over how I “can’t, can’t, can’t” I am going to make somewhat of a little game out of it.  I already have my trail cleaning schedule, which is working so far! Now I need to purge the clutter, and organize. A little yard sale has crossed my mind, but I don’t have enough…yet.

Before I end this post I have to share a story that came to my mind. When Aaron’s dad was little, there was a neighbor lady who would continuously sell stuff out of her garage. Kind of like a little shop. So Aaron’s dad thought that it was what a garage sale was, a shop set up in a garage!

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