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This afternoon I was cruising Facebook when I stumbled upon Pastor Rick’s status stating the David Wilkerson passed away yesterday. While Googling more information I began to cry, I felt like I lost a relative. I will miss him very much. I learned so much from his teaching and preaching, what a man of God! Now, Brother Wilkerson is resting in the heavenly, comforting embrace of his Jesus, the One that he so diligently served.



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“If there is no fear of God then you have to make a “gospel” of convenience.” – David Wilkerson

If you are about to watch this video, I will warn you that it is very scary.

These people are rolling around and acting as if they were insane. They say it is a move of the Spirit. All that they are doing to making themselves look like idiots and what is worse is that they are making the Holy Spirit, the one who comforts us and brings discernment and conviction, they are making Him look like a fool.

The time to make it right is now, we are very close. Jesus is at the door, though nobody knows the time.

I’m not a sensationalist, I’m not into scare-tactics.

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Are you ready? Are you seriously, seriously ready?

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