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Just Live

In the past few weeks God has been going a lot of little revelations to me. Nothing to spectacular or ground breaking, but just in a way it makes it special to me. He has been revealing Himself more and more to me. I’ve been drawing close to Him and He has been drawing closer to me. I have been so happy. An intensifying peace has come over my life. God, I love you.


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Hallelujah Anyhow

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The Mennonite church that I visit once a month for quilting cleaned out there kitchen and was giving away items for donations.

Today I got about a dozen plastic cups (which we don’t have yet), a handful of mason jars, and two large blue and white serving platters. All of it I purchased for five dollars. We had a family donate scrap material in boxes and trash bags. I helped Betsy sort through them. The a large quantity of the contents weren’t worthy to be called “scrap material”. They were as good as rags. I took a bag of scraps I am going to put to projects that I can donate to Haiti relief. I am motived to make a difference and help by working with my hands. After church I received a pint of garlic in olive oil, the product of an overabundance of garlic.

This morning Aaron and I lay awake in bed listening to NPR news. So depressing and a little scary.

Jimmy (I guess I should call him Brother Lang, I don’t think that I have even called him that yet…hmm..) did a sermon on Revelation. We are in chapter 2 and we covered the first two churches. Ephesus and Smyrna. I was really blessed when I read that even those the church in Smyrna was dirt poor, they were actually very rich in faith!

God proved to me today, that even though I may be uneasy about the future, He will provide. Now, do I need a pint of garlic and material scraps? Not necessarily, but if God can bless me with things that I can use to bless others, and He can fulfill my every need.

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