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Today, I mean…yesterday?

“I’m hawd-boil’d, yeah, nuttin’ can make me crack up!”

On my way home, I began to think of how close our wedding actually is. And no matter what loose ends are pestering me I will not let it spoil my day. I’m going to enjoy my marriage no matter what happens or doesn’t happen on OUR WEDDING DAY. ūüôā

“Am I such an oddity…?”

Dale, Aaron’s buddy from college¬†and his wife,¬†Amanda came up again to work on our house. Amanda did mud in the bathroom, Dale helped Aaron, I washed dishes for about 10 hours. No, I’m serious. The only time I didn’t wash dishes was when we went out for lunch and an Ace run. From before 11 A.M. to a little after 11P.M. I was scrubbing, soaking and boiling water for my large chore.

We went out to Big Boy for lunch. Aaron and Dale have a loose tradition of going to Big Boy. There was this family that was seated across the room from us. The man kept staring at me. It was very, very, very iritating.

When he first started, he said something to his wife, she looked then looked away. He looked a couple of more times, I became more suspious as to whether or not it was me he kept turning his eyes and head towards.

After a few times, I said something quietly, “Okay, I don’t know that guy is looking at me or not.” Amanda told me to stare back. I told her I already tried it, and I did. Amanda said they might be looking at the back of her shirt, I wasn’t too sure, because her shirt had just a guy painting a house on it.

It really became obnoxious when we were getting ready to leave, Aaron and Dale were paying the bill and I was standing beside them. I looked back, the lady was turned right around and they both were staring at me. Now that I think about it, it is humorous, but while it was happening it was annoying.

My¬†tiny annoyance was speedily¬†dissolved by the joy of a functional home. We are so close!!! The bathroom faucet works, the toilet fills, and we can get water from the kitchen, you just can’t drain anything in the kitchen sink yet. We need our washer, laundry tub, a few more cabinets, tile in the shower area and probably more things I forgot but still we are so close!

Aaron hung more open shelves for me! More stuff is put in the place where it belongs! This morning I ket going into the pink room (finished room/ storage…hahaha) for things, I kept having to remind myself, it wasnt in there anymore!

We got so much done today!


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Never again…

…will I ever drink coffee at 1:30 A.M.

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Life currently is like a big stove. My ranges are full. My oven is occupied.

My house is simmering in a sturdy iron skillet. It is a dish that needs to be added to and added to, we keep getting more and more ingredients to make it just right.

School and work I put in random pots, they are dishes that can burn easily if not attended to, stirring, the correct utensils and temperature control is important.

My wedding is baking in my prettiest dish. It is similar to a big mystery casserole, everything is in it, dresses, appointments, emotions, deadlines, supplies, the layers mixed in and meshing together.

At times the kitchen gets pretty warm, other times it is smooth sailing. I do get breaks though, but it is never far from my mind. Hopefully, God can teach me somethings so I can help the next bride when she starts coming up with crazy illustrations like this!

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Allez Cuisine!

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Lighten up.

Okay, it is possible to pull an eyeball muscle? Because I am prety sure I have done it. When I turn my eye a certian way it hurts.

I experiemented with lace today and made a few more coverings. I like the all-over lace better. It is better to control and to hem. The only all-over lace I have is black.

I did homework at our house, for the first time yesterday. I must say, I really liked it. It was quiet, there was nothing to distract me. Which is a good thing because I have difficulty concentrating sometimes.

I have come to the sad conclusion that I stress way, way too easily.

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“Oh brother.”

“Aw, nuts.”


“Are you serious?”

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Sorry for my lack of posts, my blog has been on the backburner, if you couldn’t tell.

So, I got my shoes yesterday. We had to order a double wide, yes, my foot is that wide. They are so comfy! “Should be good on your wedding day.” One of the salesmen told me.

A couple of days ago, Aaron and his mom taught me more about canning. We canned five pints of spaghetti sauce.

It consisted of

  • Early Girl tomatoes (my garden)
  • Beefsteak tomatoes (my garden)
  • Roma tomatoes (some from my garden, some from them)
  • Juliet tomatoes (my garden)
  • Cherry tomatoes (from them)
  • Basil (my garden and theirs)
  • Oregano (my garden and theirs)
  • Parsley (my garden)
  • Great-Grampa David’s onions (my garden)
  • Onion (from them)
  • Garlic (from them)
  • Red bell pepper (my garden)
  • Green bell pepper (from them)

So it was a mish-mash from my garden and theirs.

Along with the spaghetti sauce, I bought mustard seed for the dill pickles and helped snap beans so we have a couple of cans of those.

Once I get ahold of both of my Grammas’ canners, I should be canning up a storm!

Last night Mom and I combined forces and made chicken potpie and banana bread.

I texted Aaron and told him that I had a surprise I was making for him.¬† He came over after work, he said it was very good. ūüôā

Later that night after Dad and Christian came home from doing stuff for his car, the guys had a good time of conversation while I did the dishes.  It was nice to hear them getting to know each other better.

And now…tales from the kitchen. THE SPAGHETTI SAUCE THAT DIDN’T TASTE LIKE ANYTHING!!! Scary!

So my mom makes very good spaghetti sauce, the recipe is from one she discovered a couple of years ago. It is GOOD – let me tell ya!

Well, sadly on Sunday evening, all it tasted like was hamburger. We added more and tried doctoring it up. Another can of tomatoes sauce, tomatoe paste, a heeping couple of tablespoons of garlic, basil, basil, basil, oregano, parsely, oregano, seasoning salt, still tasted like hamburger.

After stewing and bubbling 11 AM – around 9 PM it actually tasted like something, but not Mom’s sauce. So tonight we are going to put it in baked spaghetti to get rid of it.

Is this the last of Mom’s spaghetti sauce?

Stay tuned, and… well basically I’ll tell you the next time she tries to make it.

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