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Today I went over to my parents house and dug up a wood fern, a sensative fern, lily of the valley, Solomon’s seal, a white bleeding heart, coral bells, and forget-me-nots. And I scored at a garage sale and bought some double knit polyester quilt squares and a goose figurine for my garden! 🙂

My Dad gave me a small handful of my Great-Grandpa David’s onions. I plan on putting them in my garden.

I have a few friends that have purchased new houses, and so I can make quilts for them with all of the double knit! And give them crocheted dish clothes. I’m so excited!

I have been brain storming all of the things I can do with our yard. Last night I asked Aaron where he does not want me to put things, it is so nice talking about our yard and our house!


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Here are my top ten arguments against make-up.

10. You have to re-apply it throughout the day.

9. It is expensive.

8. It is a waste of my time in the morning, when I could be doing something else.

7. My eyeliner runs, my eye shadow gets caked between the creases of my eyes, my blush gets uneven, my lipstick fades, and  psh forget the foundation on my oily skin.

6. I gave it up a long time ago, the last time I wore make-up was on my 19th birthday when my friend put it on for me. The time before that was in October of 2007 for my Senior Homecoming.

5.It can attract the wrong kind of attention.

4. It gets on your clothes!

3. It’s one less thing to worry about.

2. My boyfriend likes me without it! 🙂 Don’t believe me? Ask him.

1. If God wanted my lips to be a different color they would be, if God wanted my eyes to be bigger they would be, if God wanted my cheeks to be rosy, or my complexion to be even He would change the chemistry to my face to where I can look like everyone else, and it would change with the changes of style.

Why I shop where I shop.

  • It’s cheap!
  • It turns into a hunt, which can be fun.
  • You get excited when you find good stuff. The thrill is in the find.
  • You end up having things that are one of a kind and nobody else has.
  • Clothing sizes amoung other things in regular stores sicken me.
  • $10.00 for a shirt? I could get 5 shirts of $10.00 at the thrift store if I really wanted to!
  • I’m not trying to follow trends, nor am I start any.

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Redish and Black Hound’s tooth dress- $1.50

Black tank dress thingy- $1.00

Navy Blue Sweater Cover-up-$1.00

Me- rather happy!


I usually don’t find dresses I like at thrift stores. They are either not my size, have something wrong with them, or are not te style I’m looking for. I get all of my jean skirts there though. All but one I own, and that was the one I bought over Ebay. 😀

If it’s at a store at over $5 (or unless I REALLY LIKE/ need it) I do not get it. At garage sales if it is over a dollar (or unless I REALLY LIKE/ need it) I do not get it.  I shop at the clearance racks. The ones where sometimes they don’t even bother to hang the clothes up nicely, in size order and color order. Who is gonna know anyways?

Do I have any thrifters out there that read my blog?

Happy thrifting!

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I have discovered the joys of finding great deals and not spending as much as if I were to find what I wanted in stores! My future children will be clothed from these amazing things! Seriously! I’ve been bitten by the bug. 🙂 FYI. Pinching pennies is almost an art form. You need to know when prices are too high. Like more then dollar for just a plain old shirt? Forget it! So if I’m bored on the weekends you’ll know where to find me, out wasting a half tank of gas going around town looking for deals!

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