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What I love about our house,

It’s OURS.

Although it does present it’s challenges, it is such a pleasure running your own home. It gives you a sense of comfort and accomplishment when your husband tells you that he feels loved when he comes home.

Furnishing our home with things that I have made or collected, putting up food, even something as simple has making the bed gives my a little spring in my step to move onto my next chore whether it is an enjoyable one or not.

A few days ago, I harvested what I assumed was the last of the herbs. I am giving them a rest and when the frost becomes heavy I will be covering my more tender plants, such as rosemary, to try to winter them over. I brought in my stevia and the sweet marjoram that Betsy bought for me for my birthday. Though they might peter out because they are annuals I plan on seeing how long I can keep them. There is something about having herbs that is so enjoyable. They are forgiving plants, and they love you right back.

Aaron put up shelving in the closet of the unoccupied, unfinished front bedroom. It felt good to organize the filled jars. I told him that I loved his quality of being so handy, he warned me that I might not think so at times when he wants to fix everything. As of now I think that it is much better than being lazy, leaving projects unfinished or things falling apart. Along with the shelving, he fixed a wood horse shaped swing that my Grandpa made, and a bench that has been begging for his attention for a long time to be repaired. I am really looking forward to spending more time with him this winter.

Alley and Tuxedo have been well. They love goats milk. I give them  a small bowl full when the milk is close to a week old and is getting a more goaty taste. This is nice because I don’t feel bad for having it go to waste. Aaron only has milk on his cereal in the mornings, and I am not a big fan. The last few samplings I have had have been goaty. When I taste it I immediately think of Merry, the ‘boss’ of my brother-in-law Brian’s small goat herd.

I haven’t been online in nearly four days. I like this release, it’s freeing.

Happy Tuesday Readers!


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Something has been on my mind today, when is something not?

What is our culture’s view of food?

Fast food.

Comfort food.

Have it your way and have it now.

Eat great, even late.

Gluttony is really not looked at as a sin anymore. It is now something to laugh at, make a joke of. Cartoons of overweight goobs come to mind.

What did God intend food for?


Fulfilling a lust?

What about as fuel for the body? Sure, I like food that tastes good, who doesn’t? But when does it become a sin?

Our American culture has their traditional mealtimes backwards. A small breakfast, or none at all, a bigger lunch and a huge grandiose dinner with (sometimes several choices of) dessert. Then, when bursting at the seams, make sure there are no crumbs on our plate or the surrounding area, we pry ourselves away from the table and roll ourselves to our next activity thinking of our next meal. That may sound a bit dramatic, but hey, have you seen the health charts and statistics? I can’t make this up! 😉

For normal people with a normal schedule, our meal times should be as follows. A large breakfast, to get our metabolism woke up and running, a smaller lunch and perhaps little meals to help us get through the day, then at dinner we have the smallest meal of all. We don’t need a big meal, a large amount of it will just be empty calories because our day is mostly over. Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner.

Holidays are closely related with food. These should be the times when we can allow ourselves to feast. Not every dag’gone meal and snack in between!

Could we really survive on more plain meals? Could we learn to eat what our bodies are actually craving and not just what we are in the mood for? Actually go without a dessert? Or dare I say serve fruit in it’s place? Well, I don’t know about you but this little chick has had enough of the disgusting attitude of our culture towards food. Food is fuel. Who’s with me? Bring on the wheat germ.

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When we have too much to take care of our lives are simply overrun. We continue to spread ourselves too thin and begin to neglect things. We run around stressing over all of what we have to take care of. I have never been the Queen of “Throw it Away” but right now. I need to be before I give up completely for my house to be controlled by mountains of nothing. The more stuff you have, the more it has you. This has happened to me and it has got to change.

My Living Modestly List

  • Clothing, not only in style, but quantity.
  • Organization, “Does this have a home?”
  • Saying “No” to certain things.
  • Do I honestly need three of “____” ?
  • Make a gift box to put good unneeded items to give to others
  • Use it up, wear it out, make do, or make without

A list of sudden life changes can be very hard for a person so I will have to make baby steps into this way of life so I don’t burn out.

How have you simplified your life? Do you find ourself in a similar dilemma?

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