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Feeling herby

I’m trying to kick a cold…

  • Elderflower tea with raw honey- It’s so rich tasting, it is soo good!
  • My horehound candy and other herbal cough drops are all gone.
  • I made onion syrup, ugh it’s definatly an aquired taste. It almost has this numbing affect when you eat it. Next time I think I will make garlic syrup and see how I like that.
  • I am also been taking baths with peppermint, lavender, wintergreen, eucalyptus, and lemon esstential oils. I have tried different combos and like the combos that contain lavender and eucalyptus the best.
  • I have been taking activated charcoal in capsules to try and cleanse my system.
  • I sniffed lavender esstential oil when I had a headache, I was amazed at how quickly it worked!
  • And the last two don’t really have anything to do with curing a cold but I have been practicing them anyway…
  • Once a week I put in a little castor oil with my shampoo, it really softenes the hair.
  • And every once in awhile I brush my teeth with black walnut powder, it polishes them and it has astringent qualities in it.

But still its hack, hack, hack. It is kind of frustrating that I don’t have access to fresh herbs. Because I’m sure if I have them I would be able to break up all of the stubborn muscus in my chest. My husband’s uncle sugessted Mucinex, so I might bend and try some of that. Any one of my readers know of any other way to break up really stubborn gunk in the lungs?


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