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Saturday was about as random as “Chocolate Rain” I went to the chiropractor to get my back straighten out. I can’t feel my knots, or the shooting pain down my leg anymore. All that hurts is my lower back. And that pain is on and off. When I got home, I went to different places and bought plants with m mom then we went to Cold Stone and had ice cream.I couldn’t finish it so I gave the rest to my dad when I got home.

I went for a walk later that evening. It was very nice out. My walk was shorten by a dog sitting on a front porch. I wasn’t sure if it was tied up and I didn’t feel much like running. So I turned around and swiftly walked the other way.

Yesterday, I went to church in the morning, the sermon was on a few of the attributes of God. I couldn’t play with or pick up any of the kids. Silas tried a couple of times. Zipporah said that I am no fun when my back is hurt. I went to the Cook’s house after church. After we ate my back began to bother me. The rocking chair I was sitting in wasn’t holding up my ice pack very well. Julie said that I could lay on the floor, I was hesitant for a split second, but then I figure that the Cook’s are more like family to me, so I got comfortable on the floor.

Then there was the issue of getting back up. Julie and Aaron explained it to me a couple of times. I started laughing really really hard, when Mr. Cook came into the living room and had a comment. I was quite entertaining for about three minutes.  Aaron even got down on the floor to show me. But I was too nervous about hurting my back.  I managed to get up after all of that.

After we went for a walk, Amy, Julie, Betsy, Brian and I all went to Aaron’s house to have ice cream. Most of us had cherry ice cream. Betsy had a Klondike bar.

Then I went with them to their church. 🙂 Mr. Cook was preaching. He talked about John the Baptist, the old covenant and Jesus, from John 3.

The Cook siblings have very interesting conversations. Sometimes, actually most of the time there will be more than one over lapping the rest. At first this racked my brain a little. I didn’t know who to pay attention to, because in my family we rarely have multiple conversations at the same time on account of our family size. I was telling them last night that is why sometimes I don’t talk because I don’t know when it is my turn! Only recently I have been able to carry on a conversation while overlapping another. I start out quietly though. 😀

I also met their cousins again, and their Uncle Wayne and Aunt Gera yesterday. After church we went to the Byler’s house for fellowship. 🙂

My back is doing well this morning, I can reach itches that were bothering me last night, stretch to a certain point and reach for my coffee on the nightstand. Thank you for your prayers!


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