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This is the Dervaes Family. I’m friends with the oldest daughter Anais on Facebook. They are really down to earth people making their way on the path of self-sufficiency.


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Redish and Black Hound’s tooth dress- $1.50

Black tank dress thingy- $1.00

Navy Blue Sweater Cover-up-$1.00

Me- rather happy!


I usually don’t find dresses I like at thrift stores. They are either not my size, have something wrong with them, or are not te style I’m looking for. I get all of my jean skirts there though. All but one I own, and that was the one I bought over Ebay. 😀

If it’s at a store at over $5 (or unless I REALLY LIKE/ need it) I do not get it. At garage sales if it is over a dollar (or unless I REALLY LIKE/ need it) I do not get it.  I shop at the clearance racks. The ones where sometimes they don’t even bother to hang the clothes up nicely, in size order and color order. Who is gonna know anyways?

Do I have any thrifters out there that read my blog?

Happy thrifting!

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So I’ve got to go shopping for food for this weekend today. Aldi will be my first stop. Aldi- if you haven’t shopped there you probably should check it out.

 I went to JoAnn’s last night. I bought a sewing basket for my suff. My mom says I’m becoming quite the domestic goddess.


Don’t expect too many more updates. I’ll be gone all weekend and I don’t have internet access up at Higgins so have an amazing holiday weekend! God bless the U.S.A.!


Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.

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