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So, my dear friend from church said that she met someone in Wal-Mart who wears a headcovering and who reads my blog! Neat! My blog is getting out there I guess. That is exciting.

My bridal shower was Saturday. It was a good time. I received a lot of nice gifts. The Cook girls, my Aunt SanDee, my Gramma Gloria and the Hine ladies helped set up. I did introductions with my mom, Aaron’s mom Wendy said Grace, we ate. Amy did games, I thought that they were very creative and fun! She did a very good job. Then I opened gifts. 🙂 That was fun, it was nice to see the look on their faces when I opened up theirs or other ones that they liked.

Our house is coming along, we should be able to finish up the bedroom this week. Priming, painting and then laying the carpet! So excited!

Along with a gift I asked those who were attending to come to my shower to bring a recipe and a canned good. We filled up the cabinets in our kitchen. As for recipes,  between what I had, my Gramma’s stuff and shower gifts I have one box, 2 flip books, and seven regular books of recipes. Last night I envisioned me handing my kids a pile of cookbooks and telling them to pick some thing out for us to do.

My Gramma Gloria crocheted us a colorful afghan, I folded it and draped it over one of our armchairs. I also put pictures that Zippy and Lydia colored of us on our refrigerator, along with more magnets and a magnetic notepad for list making. This homemaking is fun! Aaron says he is happy because it is starting to look like it is my house too!

Wedding preparations are going well.

I’m still working on an interview about headcovering I was asked to fill out a few weeks ago, I haven’t forgot about it! 😉 Promise! 🙂


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I had my bridal shower on Saturday. A post is to come! But for the mean time…


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