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Survey says!

1. Name?: Lauren-Mae Spiker Cook
2. Birthdate?: 8-16-1990
3. Current Location?: Midland
4. Eye Color?: Hazel, they turn colors.
5. Hair Color?: Brown
6. Height?: 5 foot something

8. Ethnicity?: German/Polish/ Romnian/Other stuff
9. Single or Taken?: Married!
Have You ever?
10. Drank?: No.
11. Smoked?: No.

13. Licked a 9 volt battery?: No
14. Made a prank phone call?: I think…I don’t really remember. I was with others when they did though.
15. Been in a beauty pageant?: Pffft, no.
16. Thrown up in public?: No.
17. Worn a crown?: Yes.
18. Licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?: Gross, no!
19. Been on a blind date?: No.
20. Caught a fish?: Yes, many times. 🙂
21. Been in love?: Oh yes! I still am!

23. Slept past noon?: Yes.
25. Danced in front of your mirror?: Haha.
26. Been dumped?: Yes
27. Been arrested?: No.

30. Kissed a picture?: Sure.

32. Made a snow angel?: Yes
33. Cheated while playing a game?: Heehee, yes.
34. Felt an earthquake?: Not yet.
35. Touched a snake?: Yes.
36. Sang karaoke?: Yes, unfortunatly.
37. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?: Yes.
38. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?: Yes.
39. Kissed in the rain?: Yep
40. Sung in the shower?: Yes
41. Sat on a roof top?: I can’t recall.
42. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?: I think so.
43. Broken a bone?: Nope.
44. Laugh so hard you cry?: I uesd to all of the time.

46. Choked on something you’re not supposed to eat?: No.

47. Blind or deaf?: If I had to choose probably deaf.
48. Horror or comedy?: Never horror and it would depend on the comedy.
49. Bungee jumping or sky diving?: Neither!
50. Sunny or rainy?: Sunny.
51. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla
52. Night or day?: Depends

54. Coffee or tea?: Coffee in the morning, tea any other time.
55. Hot or cold?: Warm.
Do You?
56. Smoke?: I thought I was already asked this…
57. Drink?: This too…
58. Do drugs?: No.

60. Like thunderstorms?: Yes.
61. Dance in the rain?: How cliche.
62. Wish on stars?: When I was little yes, then I learned it’s wrong to do that.
63. Believe in fate?: God is soveriegn.
64. Believe in love at first sight?: Yes. 🙂
65. Have tattoos?: Nope, I wanted them, but not anymore.
Can you?
66. Cook?: Yes.
67. Whistle?: Yes.
68. Curl your tongue?: Yes.
69. Touch your nose with your tongue?: Nope.
70. Speak another language?: Ja!
And more..
71. Favourite word?: How does one choose?
72. Favourite flower?: I like too many.
73. Favourite colour?: I don’t have one.
75. Would you ever get plastic surgery?: If I was in a car accident maybe…
76. What is your favorite Holiday?: I enjoy them all.
77. What is your worst habit?: Biting my nails!

78. What animal are you most like? Hmm…a clam.


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