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Yesterday I went up to Clare to a flea market with the Lang’s and the Taylor’s. There was so much to see. There were rows and rows of vendors. At one of the tents there was this butter churn that I would have bought if I had more spending money. But I settled for a dollar package of nail brushes and a dollar package of pot scrubbers. Jimmy bought an old sturdy ice cream churn. The girls chipped in and bought a little gumball machine.

When we go next year, I will know to bring more money in case I spy a steal. After that we went to the hardware store, bulk food store and ding and dent store. I bought castor oil, soap, and the Healthy Choices Cookbook, of which I am so happy I bought, because it has recipes for REAL food, not 705 recipes for grain burgers and granola. If healthy food has left a bad taste in your mouth, then I suggest thumbing through this cookbook and seeing if you find anything that you’d eat.   At the bulk food store I bought iodonized salt, wheat bran and wheat germ. At the ding and dent store I stayed in the car with Carmen, Bekah, Abigail and Hosanna. Hosanna ate and fell asleep, while the other girls listened to Odyssey.

Aaron and I went shopping last night I told him that come this winter I would like to start sewing dresses. But first things first, I need to make myself some bloomers, patch his jeans and work on his ripped coveralls.

I am starting to look at canning less enthusiastically. I have been doing it for weeks, and now that I have both kinds of canners in my possession I will be doing it at home. Having a small kitchen has been kind of hard for me. Space gets taken up so quickly. I am trying to keep in mind of how my work will pay off in the winter when the ground is covered with snow and I will again be itching to do some gardening.


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So after yesterday’s post I am really in the blog mood. I have so many thoughts on subjects I want to write about…but it is late enough in the night that I don’t want to start because it takes me a long time to do a good post because I have to get all of my thoughts out, then edit and revise.


Tonight I started on a nine-patch quilt  with the help of Betsy. I am excited about it, out of their material stash I picked out a collection of ugly double-knit polyester fabric. Orange, pink, yellow , mostly blues, greens. But whoa, will it be fun!

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Wifey things.

This morning I fixed the hem on a pillowcase, patched another, and patched one of Aaron’s shirts he tore yesterday. Going into town to get a new ironing board cover, then patching blue jeans next!

Sorry about my blog being terribly boring! 😉

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The Domestic Diva.

(when I began typing this it was still April 15th.)

That is what my mom called me tonight as I was measuring out the edge of a side of my quilt. It is almost finished I have two more sides to do then some extra finishing touches then my work will be complete!

Then I can show the world at how I can take lovely fabrics and make them clash like crazy! 😛 HAHA!

But seriously folks, I will make more sane quilts as time permits. I have at least three more quilts in mind. One is a crazy quilt, yes, yes I know I said no more clashing colors but I have a whole bin of scraps! And the borders around the blocks will be black or something so it isn’t as hard on the eyes.

Second is my plaid quilt. The border around the blocks is going to be brown. Possibly two types of brown since I don’t know if I have enough! I might have to go and get more! Instead of all types of plaid I think I am going to stick with …oh my what should I call it? “Man” plaid? If that makes any sense…

Third one is a surprise! 😛

I break up the monotony, I made my first hot-pad tonight. It is nothing to look at but hey it was fun!

Mom and I went out around our property tonight formulating gardens. We have a flag pole out in the front area. That is going to be our berry patch. Mom had a day lily garden there but now it is all over-grown and wasp infested so we are going to have to take care of that!

Mom and I also started some seeds tonight. We have watermelon, pumpkin, tomatoes, squash, cantaloupe, corn, two kinds of green beans, peas and cucumber seeds started in itty-bitty containers.

For our spices I’m going to find some neat little pots at a yard sale maybe and set something up on the deck. I’m so excited about this.

Next jobs for the house are painting walls and making curtains.

Next job for me is MY ROOM! It is terrible! It looks like my closet threw up everywhere. I have donation bags for (not from mind you!) the thrift store, I have bags of material, boy the list could go on and on.

With my need for a certain order of things I am surprised that my room is like this. I am the type of girl who when she gets her future house she is going to ask for a label maker as a wedding present! I am also a list maker. If I need to do things, I make lists.

But in the end when I finally divide and conquer the monstrosity that is my room I will be able to have people over (which rarely happens anyways) without keeping my door shut.

 That’s all from my for this week!

Later readers! Have a nice weekend

And- Happy Birthday Betsy!

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Plaid is my favorite color.

I have always liked plaid. Most of the new shirts that I buy are plaid. Since I am now almost finished with my Ugg quilt, I need to start to put together a new one. This one is going to be plaid. All types of plaid!

I also like floral prints, even though I don’t wear much floral I just think that it is pleasant to look at!

But my next quilts won’t be “ugly”. Keep in mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

So, if you have plaid or floral material, or anything with plaid or floral that is worn out and wouldn’t do good to donate, that you want to get rid of let me know. I will be glad to take it off of your hands!

Well, basically any material you want to get rid of I will be glad to take it off of your hands!

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Last night.

I am almost finished with my first quilt! I tacked corners down with a darning needle and yarn last night while watching some Love Comes Softly movies. My favorites so far are Love’s Enduring Promise, and Love’s Long Journey.

I’m still hacking up junk in my throat though. 😦

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Leave it to me to start another project while I have another almost completed. But I have the sewing bug!

Soon I will have my denim crazy quilt finished then I will have more sewing time on look-at-my-failed-attepemts-to-do-pinwheels-and-such-quilt. 😉 haha Don’t tease, I’m just learning! I like combining different fabric. Some of the combinations are rather strange, others are nicer.

When I am all done I will sewing them altogether then I will have another project done.

I think I will call it my “Ugg quilt”. If you don’t know what uggs are, they are those chunky boots that the teeny-boppers wear with leggings and long sweaters.

Anywho, I have a praise. God keeps blessing me with this liberating peace. I know why too! It is nothing too big, but I don’ t know if I am ready to share that yet.

I might share with you in person, if you ask. Someone already knows, and I bet she knows who she is! 😀

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