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There are some things that really make my blood boil…

There was an earthquake along the Atlantic coast today just before 2 P.M., our time.

How many more warnings does America need?!

Wake up! Don’t bury your head in the sand. Think about the path that our country is on.

Think about it.

Pray and prepare.


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I absolutly love, love, love listening to this! I remember listening to this. I was inspired and convicted.

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Are you ready? Are you seriously, seriously ready?

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Is anyone else with me when I say, just sing the notes and lyrics that are in the original score. Not the frilly vocalizing stuff! Save that for your concerts! 😦

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Hey my lovely readers! Sorry it has been so long don’t give up on me! I’ve been rather busy. Some friends of mine are moving and already have moved away for college, so I have been spending time with them. And this past Thursday I had four wisdom teeth removed! So pain killers were messing with me and I didn’t feel like doing anything. No solids, and hardly any carbs diet has been making me depressed too! Another reason why carbs are good for you! 😛 I am feeling a little bit better but I still can’t drive myself anywhere while taking the medication. When life gets back into full swing I will post more!


Blessings to everyone and to your families also! ❤



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