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In the past few weeks God has been going a lot of little revelations to me. Nothing to spectacular or ground breaking, but just in a way it makes it special to me. He has been revealing Himself more and more to me. I’ve been drawing close to Him and He has been drawing closer to me. I have been so happy. An intensifying peace has come over my life. God, I love you.


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This past weekend I suffered from a mild case of food poisoning. Now I am over it and I have been up and at ’em ever since.

Yesterday morning I woke up at around quarter after six in the morning. Full of energy. I decided not to stay in bed after the alarm went off. I told Aaron I was going to take a shower. After a short shower I got dressed, and with a bowl of Life cereal and coffee, I sat in the armchair and read a chapter in my Bible.

I rinsed my dishes in the sink and looked around for something that I could do that wouldn’t disturb Aaron, who had been suffering from pain and not having a good night’s rest. I couldn’t vacuum, I couldn’t make the bed yet. Then I remembered  had a load of Aaron’s work clothes in the dryer. I began to fold his work shirts. I found I needed hangers for his pants and jackets. So I quietly went into the bedroom to get them. I told Aaron that I didn’t know what to really do since I couldn’t vacuum “You can.” He replied quietly. “And I really can’t make the bed.”  Aaron’s voice broke through the mound of pillows, “You could make breakfast.” What a novel idea! On regular days we usually have cereal in the morning together. I asked him what he wanted. “Maybe pancakes.”  “Oh, yeah I can make you pancakes.” 🙂

So off I went, knowing that I could finished putting away laundry later. I looked through my Healthy Choices Cookbook and found a recipe that I thought wouldn’t yield 20 pancakes. They were just the right amount. And they were thick. Knowing that three pancakes might not be enough I went back in the bedroom to ask him if he would like it if I cooked up some sausages for him. Upon putting my hand on his back I realized I woke him up out of a somewhat deep snooze. I asked him about the sausages. He told me how good it felt to actually get some sleep. He was pleased with his breakfast, and I was pleased with how my day was starting.

Naturally, I do not have good managing skills, and was not raised to be a KAH or a SAHM. So, in planning my days I have come to the conclusion that I must be maticulous and particular almost obbessed, since I know that everything is not going to fall into place on it’s own. Why did my school day run so smoothly? How did I know where I needed to be and at what time? Why did it feel so awkward to have an inturuption in the flow of the day? Because I had a schedule.

Once I read that children thrive on order. One of the gifts I can give my children to be raised in an orderly, clean, steadily paced home!  Now I am not talking about having every minute of everyone’s life under control. The kind of home I am talking about has having a place for everything and having everything in place, having an orderly enough schedule with time for interruptions of someone drops by or there is an unexpected errand to be run.

And another thing, I think I owe it to Aaron (as well do married women owe it to their husbands) to take care of our home to thouroughly. Besides, he works so I can stay home. 🙂

I cannot tell you why I woke up so ready to go on Tuesday, must be a God thing. 🙂 That night I thanked Him as a drifted off.

Is there anyone else out there that struggles with management skills? If so, how do our combat with them?

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One more day.

One more day, my last day to be a Spiker!

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What is love?

Simply amazing. I find it amazing how people can turn their back on convictions that they followed. How they turn their back on the Savior. How they do it time and time again. You think they finally got it, but then they just turn back to a world which hates them, but they in turn love it.

Lord, help us in this world that offers comfort for only a season. Help those who are blind to the fact that it is in fact only a season

Sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and make you pay more than you want to pay.

It’s like smut, it leaves an ugly mark. But God gave to us a way you can rid yourself of it. John 3:16. Culture bombards us with what they tells us about love. God takes us to the cross and says “This is LOVE.”

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Tomatoe Day.

My boss hates cherry tomatoes. Someone gave her husband tomatoes plants and they ended up being the cherry variety. One of her dogs will go in the backyard and eat them off of the vine.

In the break room was a bowl of them. After I overheard her talking about them, I asked, and she said that I could just take them all because they are going to get thrown out anyways. So I rummaged through the break room drawers and found a random Ziploc bag..

I texted Aaron to tell him of my little fortune I had recieved.

Later that night after church I saw a bowl with a few tomatoes in the bottom. I asked whose they were. They were grown by my friend Amanda, who told me to go look at the back of her van.

It was filled with tomatoes on top of green beans. She loaded me up with two bowls. She told me she wanted them perserved, and that she had already canned a lot of stewed tomatoes! “I found a home for them!” She exclaimed to Sharyn’s husband Tom as she followed me out to the car. I asked her what variety they were she told me that they were Jets. I thought they were Beefsteaks because my Beefsteaks are small.

When I got home I took up the space on the counter between the refridgerator and the sink. Six varieties of tomatoes. Jets and Cherry from Amanda and my boss. Roma, Juliet, Beefsteak, and Early Girl from my garden. Sauce and Salsa time!

After making that banana bread, I now want to try out making zzucchini bread. Aaron’s family possess monster zucchini! They have a box in their roadside stand marked free with huge zucchini inside.

Aaron’s mom loaded me up with the remainder of the box which was five big ones. I carried them back to my car. I plan on shreading some for bread and giving away others.

God sighting:

At work there are some co-workers who are saying terrible things about the Bible. This has never happened before. I have been working here for a couple of years now. It makes me sick and uncomfortable. I walked out into the stacks on the other side of the library to deliver mail. I was talking to myself and to God.

I came back. Walking up to the circulation desk was a woman and her two adult kids. She asked about telecourse tapes. She was also wearing a headcovering, one of the (I’m assuming) Conservative Apostalic Church. She thanked me and she said that she appriciated who I was “I recognize it.” She told me as she smiled then walked out the door. God is so good!

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New total: 60 pounds gone!!! 🙂 Praise God.

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Okay…just because I have a boyfriend does not mean that my blog is going to become boring…

But…I don’t see this post being lengthy

God’s timing is amazing. His will is perfect.Don’t be impatient for anything because He could be working right underneath your nose! And what a blessing that is when He surprises you with something that you least expect it!

On a less serious note…
Has anybody ever wished that they could answer people like Snoopy does and get away with it?

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