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I have spent six months covering (has it been that long already?)

and …I have been engaged for one month.

Aaron and I registered and shopped around a little last night. But we are not close to being done yet! Don’t be fooled by the coffee maker’s color. Even if it is pink…


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Yesterday I ventured up into the attic (which was hot and dirty)  and had my Dad bring down two of the many boxes of my Gramma’s old stuff. In them I found silverware, some kitchen utensils, cast iron pans (score!), an electric fry pan which I am not sure if it still works, bread board, bread knives and the like.

My family’s kitchen is also furished with some of the stuff from Gramma’s . I opened up the cupboards and my Mom asked “What would you want kiddo?” I brought out two pie dishes, a cake pan, bean crock, roasting pan, two casserole dishes, trivettes, cookie cutters and probably more things that I don’t remember. And there was still enough left for my brother when he gets married!

 The night before I went through Aaron’s things that he had at his house. His Grandpa went to estate sales so he had some very nice things like very pretty bowls and silverware.

We compiled a list that we are adding to daily so we know what we need when we register.

I showed him more of my stuff (I am saying the word ‘stuff’ a lot in this post!) like my quilt from Gramma’s house, hot pads, my recipe box that I got from Salvation army, some of my afghan’s.

I love old stuff. I don’t know what it is, if it is just the look of it or because it is old. Between the two of us we have enough silerware to last us probably for the rest of our lifes!

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Aaron and I are engaged! He asked me last Friday. So we went a few days without telling anybody. We told our families tonight, and I posted it on Facebook. I came home to 33 notifications.

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