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We were given the okay to clean up on Thursday. There are piles of beams to be burned. Hay that still needs to be sorted through and a bunch of scrap was taken away today. Along with the clean up we have been working on making various lists of equipment and tools that were lost. I am not sure how many pages we have but I’d venture to say upwards around fifty (correct me if  am wrong).


On a brighter note my seeds came in the mail on Monday. Now I have little broccolis, cabbages, fenugreeks, and sorrels popping up. I also have started all of my peppers and celery. If my celery doesn’t turn out in the summer I am going to give it a shot in the greenhouse. In the ideal scene of things I want to grow broccoli, celery, onions and see if I can keep a rosemary bush in there.

I keep finding all of these little niches. I love my little house. I have plans of the yard, gardens, and flower beds. I enjoy working and weeding outside. I find it therapeutic and i know that Aaron would like nice flower beds so both of us are happy. 🙂


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I started a compost pile. It is mostly pine needles and dead rhubarb. Through the winter and into the spring I wish to deversify the contents. My Mom has a wooden bin that she says I could use. After the coming snow melts and it is nice to work outside, I am taking that bin and using it for the pile. So now I have two garbage piles. One for the chickens which contains pastas, meats, dairy and other products that cannot be composted. The other will contain spent coffee grounds, untreated paper/cardboard, produce/garden scraps, peelings etc. Then whatever paper we cannot compost we will use in our woodstove.  

Other ways I conserve/repurpose are 

  • Using glass jars (alfredo/beans) to store pantry staples, herbs and spices
  • Using cottage cheese and sour cream containers for tupperware
  • Using old juice containers for next years cider pressing
  • Using old lundry detergent jugs for my (future) homemade laundry detergent
  • And finely recycling anything I have no use for or have too much of
  • And what can’t be recycled I throw away in the trash

Green House

My mom plans on buying me a greenhouse as a very early birthday present. I am so stoked about this because now I have a place to start my seeds and keep my starts while it is still cold out. And who knows maybe I can experiment and try avacadoes or artichokes. Hmm. 🙂

Cape Dress

On Thursday I cut out my first cape dress with Libby. The fabric is 100% cotton, and the print is a calico- medium mauve with black sprigs everywhere. I am very excited. I bought enough material to make six dresses, which I need desparately. With each dress I make I want to get rid of at least one article of clothing I have.


That’s all for now! I will post more when I get back from Kentucky!

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