Thought of the Day

Insecure people pretend to be perfect, secure people embrace their flaws.

Take My Hand.

Needless to say there are only so many ways to prepare for adult life, without actually doing it.
You can get all of the schooling, and knowledge your brain can hold, but there comes the time were you just have to live.
You have all of these dreams and expectations, of your dream life, dream house and whatnot…it’s “PERFECT!” right?
When I got married of course there was an adjustment period. But after three years of being Mrs. Aaron Cook life now is not what I pictured it would be like three years ago when I walked down the aisle towards my love while wearing probably the most beautiful dress in the universe.
I thought I would be a mommy by now, be healthier, be a better homemaker, have a bigger house with more land to do all of the stuff we want to…
Life isn’t what I thought it was going to be, and you know what…that’s great! I feel like my life is much richer from the lessons I have learned and am still learning! I have a beautiful marriage to the greatest man, I am very blessed in that area to be sure. If I just keep my eyes on God everything will turn according to His Will.

He sees Everything.

Three years and counting, I love you Aaron.
I wouldn’t be the person I am today if God would not have put you into my life.


I’m taking a stand, and making a change, it’s been a long time. I’m supposed to be in the prime of my life, I should not be this unhealthy and this out of shape. I have no excuse to be this overweight. And I’m changing because I choose to. Because I want to be around for my husband. I want to give my future children the healthiest start possible. If I told you how much weight I have gained since I have been married you probably would not believe it!

And in saying this doesn’t give people leave to “check up” on me every time I see them, there is nothing more irritating to me when five people in a row ask you the same thing. They might think they are the only one asking but keep in mind I might have already had a bunch of different people ask me the same question. “They just ask because they care” you might retort in attempts to ‘put me in my place’, well saying “You look good” is one thing, but when ten people in a row ask you the same question (e.g.”How’s the weight loss going?”) and make inquiries and accusations about your health let’s see how chipper you’ll be! If you want updates check out this blog please.

I haven’t made a total plan yet and I am debating on whether or not to share it.

Other than that I have not been posting as much because I don’t really have that important to share, I guess.


Piddly garlic turnout, probably because I didn’t cover them up with straw.
Three kinds of potatoes
Three kinds of onions
Garbanzo Beans
Tomatoes from Libby :D
Painted Lady Runner Beans
Yard Long beans
Flint Corn for Cornmeal
Plenty of herbs, medicinal and culinary
Peas in the greenhouse and Peas in a pot

Getting better at organizing as usual. But I’m not totally lost when it comes to making decisions anymore about keeping a house.
I have some projects that I need to do that involve paint.
Wasps and bees are everywhere! Ugh, that is the curse of having a house that has wood siding I guess.

Basil is still hanging around, he reminds me of his mother a lot.
Aaron has been talking about getting chickens for me. He says that if it was just him he would just get his eggs from the farm, but he knows I have been wanting some for awhile. There are also some ducks on Craigslist that I am interested in, also some pheasants…but I can’t get in over my head…yet!
I also have a few more endeavors up my sleeve but I’d rather not share them. ;)

I think about my Grandma Gladys often in the summer not only because our birthday is coming up but I remember spending many days at her house in Munger. Dad would quiz us as we passed the different farm fields. “What’s planted in that field? What about that one?” Soon I learned the difference between beans, corn, beets and potatoes.

My parents must have really liked taking us places more than other parents and their children because we rarely got bored. We could keep ourselves entertained for quite awhile. There weren’t a lot of toys at Grandma’s house. There were stuffed animals that she kept on the back of her couch that I guess we could have played with but they gave me the creeps because they were set in the darker part of the living room. Sometimes I took my own stuffed animal with me but most of the time I would look through her jewelry, watch TV (all 5 channels) I never got to have an adult conversation with her. And it makes me very sad.

After our disappointment about not getting a house that was a good deal with more land, my house-seeking endeavors have taken me from local, to Iowa, to Montana, the Dakotas, Idaho and then aaaaalllll the way up to Alaska. So far my favorites have been Idaho and Alaska.

This week I will be camping out on the back property of my in-laws. Every year they camp to spend time together before the busy part of summer begins. Other than that I can’t really think of too much to tell you all!

Much love!


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